Jul 30, 2014
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Brookfield Woman's 1st OWI Arrest Is One for the Books

She has to subdued by police after ranting and cursing and then threatening them after she hits a parked car with her kids on board. Soon after, another driver gets his third OWI arrest.

Brookfield Woman's 1st OWI Arrest Is One for the Books

Two drivers arrested just about an hour and a half apart Friday on suspicion of drunken driving presented just about opposite reactions to their situations.

A suspected third-time offender was cooperative and more or less honest with police, admitted having been at a bar and drinking, and took his troubles in reasonably good grace.

But a Brookfield woman getting her first ticket for OWI showed considerably less control and no cooperation whatsoever, despite having her two children in the car.

According to the police reports:

At 9:25 p.m. Friday, a caller reported to Brookfield police that someone had just hit a parked car on her street, in the 900 block of Weston Hills Drive, and an officer was sent to investigate.

When he arrived, a 39-year-old Brookfield woman was walking away from the crash site, and he asked her to stop and talk to him.

The woman broke into a profane outburst, telling the officer there was no (expletive) way she was stopping to talk to the (expletive) police about anything.

She continued walking, or rather staggering, away, and either ignored repeated orders to stop or replied to them in screamed profanities, yelling that she was going home and if anybody wanted to (expletive) talk to her they could (expletive) talk to her there.

More officers arrived and barred the woman's way, but that hardly deterred her. She launched yet another stream of invective, finding a way to inject an f-bomb as a modifier of or substitute for every part of speech in the language.

Then she clenched her fists and began waving her arms wildly at officers, who finally had enough and took her to the ground to handcuff her.

At that point, the woman's husband arrived and announced pointedly, "She's drunk, she doesn't know what she's doing" – a statement one police officer called, "good evidence."

The woman's two children were safe at a neighbor's house, although it was not clear whether the suspect delivered them there or simply left them in the car to be rescued from the situation by an individual concerned for their welfare.

Police tried to administer field sobriety tests to the woman, but between her uncooperative attitude and evident impairment, she could barely stand up for any of the steps and failed miserably in the end.

She did agree to an evidentiary breath test and blew a .17 blood alcohol concentration.

Third-time OWI suspect having one for the road

At 11:04 p.m. the same night, a 53-year-old Waukesha man was arrested on suspicion of his third drunken driving offense after he was pulled over in the 12400 block of James Street.

An officer working on OWI patrol at 124th Street and Greenfield Avenue noticed that the driver's license plate light wasn't working and decided pulled him over.

At first, he said, the driver did not respond to the emergency lights behind him and kept going for a couple of blocks, but then did stop and said he just didn't notice the officer.

He was cooperative thereafter and said he was coming from Diamond Jim’s tavern in Hales Corners, where he'd had "about three beers." Police also found a half-empty beer can in his car.

He failed sobriety tests and was taken for a mandatory blood draw.

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