Jul 29, 2014
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Village Approves One-Time $500 Bonus to Employees

The Caledonia Finance Committee and Village Board Tuesday unanimously approved the one-time $500 bonus for non-represented employees.

Village Approves One-Time $500 Bonus to Employees

Non-represented village employees will see a little extra in their pay this month after trustees unanimously approved a one-time $500 payment in lieu of raises.

until the contract with the fire department was settled. That contract was also approved Tuesday.

Village Administrator Mark Janiuk and Finance Director Larry Borchert worked together in determining the amount based on how much in the black the village can expect to be by the end of the year.

There are 44 employees who are not backed by a union, and Janiuk said this one-time payment softens the blow of asking them to contribute more to their health insurance and retirement.

"Police and fire are contributing more, too, but they are also getting raises," he noted. "With finances being tight, raises might not be the way to go so this helps offset those increased costs for workers who are not represented by a union."

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