23 Aug 2014
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Walmart in Caledonia, A Top Story of 2012

When the big box retailer's first proposal was a flop with residents, it came back with a retooled plan that appears to have more support—though opposition is still strong.

Walmart in Caledonia, A Top Story of 2012 Walmart in Caledonia, A Top Story of 2012

Correction: The word "not" was inadvertently omitted from the final sentence in this article. The pre-development agreement village officials have entered into does not guarantee final approval of the projct.

When Walmart first said it wanted to come to Caledonia, with a proposed store on Highway 31 and 4 Mile Road, people said no—loudly. So the retailer came back with a new plan, this time on a site that was already designated for future commercial development. 

The new plan is to build a Walmart store on the southeast corner of 4 Mile and North Green Bay roads. Opposition to the store is still strong, but there are also those who support this plan. Some of the residents opposed to the plan have decided to pressure board members to vote against Walmart.

Walmart has officially submitted plans for a store to be built on 22 acres at the corner of N. Green Bay and 4 Mile roads. It is asking the village rezone the land from light industrial and office/urban residential to commercial. This is consistent with the village land use plan, which means there are fewer hurdles for the company to clear for approval. 

The village has entered into a pre-development agreement with Walmart, a required step allowing the planning process to move ahead. The agreement does not guarantee the board will approve the project.

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