Jul 28, 2014
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A 56-Year-Old Milwaukee Woman Dances Her Way to an OWI

She made an illegal u-turn when she was performing the walk and turn test, decided to bust a move. She had a BAC of 0.13.

A 56-Year-Old Milwaukee Woman Dances Her Way to an OWI

A 56-year-old Milwaukee woman put a lot of effort into convincing officers she was sober, but in the end, her dance moves gave her away. 

An watching traffic noticed the woman make an illegal u-turn at Brown Deer and Port Washington Roads just before 1 a.m. on Aug. 13. 

However, when he tried to pull her over, she didn't stop immediately. He activated not only his lights, but his sirens before she noticed him and pulled over at West Brown Deer Road near Hawthorne Road. 

When the officer approached the vehicle, he could smell alcohol coming from her breath, according to the report. He asked if she’d been drinking and she initially said, “No, not much.” When asked how much “not much” was, she said two beers.

She recited the alphabet per his request, saying "L, M, N" twice and ending with "W, X, I, Z" and saying it was “out of order, but...”

She performed the walk-and-turn test, but as she began her returning steps, she began to dance the report said. 

She performed the other field sobriety tests poorly and was arrested for OWI. Her BAC was 0.13 and she was cited for both Operating While Intoxicated and Prohibited Alcohol Concentration. 

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