Jul 29, 2014

Cubs Top A’s to Take Tournament Title

A's tip their hats to the Cubs after a frustrating loss.

Cubs Top A’s to Take Tournament Title Cubs Top A’s to Take Tournament Title Cubs Top A’s to Take Tournament Title Cubs Top A’s to Take Tournament Title Cubs Top A’s to Take Tournament Title

“Hope we didn’t use all our runs yesterday,” head coach Matt McCabe of the Athletics said during the championship game of the Glendale Little League Minor Division Tournament Wednesday evening.  The night before, the A’s had defeated the Rockies 16-15 in the semifinals.  In the final game against the Cubs, the A’s could only muster two runs as the Cubs defeated them 7-2 to win the championship.

Things started off well for the A’s as they scored two runs in the top of the first inning.  J.P. Penoske led off with a walk.  Nathaniel Rouse followed with a single.  Penoske kept running as McCabe waved him home. An on target relay throw by the Cubs’ Greg Farrow caught Penoske as he slid into the plate.  The A’s next batter Noah Glidden singled to drive in Rouse.  With two out, Jack Meissner also singled and drove in Glidden.

The Cubs quickly rallied and got all the runs they would need in the bottom of the first inning.  Troy Wagner led off with a walk and the Cubs’ second batter Sam Yarmulnik also walked.  Stolen bases put the runners at second and third with one out.  Then Cole McGuire singled to drive in Wagner and send Yarmulnik to third.  McGuire stole second.  On a wild pitch Yarmulnik scored and McGuire went to third.  An error allowed McGuire to make it 3-0 and Miriam Maistelman to reach first.  Maistelman almost made it 4-0, but a great play at home on a double steal attempt made her the third out.

After the excitement of the first inning the following two were quiet as both team’s pitchers and defenses settled down. 

The fourth inning produced more excitement for the large crowd attending the game.  In the top of the inning, Penoske led off.  He reached on an error went to second on the play.  McCabe had Rouse bunt him to third.  But a pickoff play got Penoske out as he slid back into third.  Rouse eventually made it to third himself but the A’s were unable to get him home.

The Cubs added four runs in the bottom of the inning on a single and five walks, including two with the bases loaded that forced runs in.  By the end of the inning the Cubs lead was 7-2.

The A’s put two runners on with two outs in the top of the sixth, but the Cubs’ relief pitcher David Rosengarten squeezed a pop fly along the first base line for the final out, and the Cubs began their championship celebration.

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