Aug 01, 2014
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Final Budget Approved for the Greendale School District

The school board approved the budget with some adjustments after receiving a 16 percent increase in state aid. The business manager also presented a report of the budget that will be released to the public.

Final Budget Approved for the Greendale School District

The Greendale School Board approved and certified the final budget adjustments and tax levy for the 2012-2013 year on Monday.

The school district made some changes due to the 16 percent state aid increase they received this year. Even though the district was expecting this increase, they did not budget for it.

The Greendale School District has one of the largest increases in state aid among all Wisconsin districts, due to the rising resident enrollment, flat spending and flat property values.

, a 6.86 percent decrease from last year. Homeowners can expect a school property tax of $2,354 on a $200,000 home, down $174 from last year. The total district’s expenditure budget will increase to $33,095,209, a 0.55 percent increase from last year.

Here are some other notable details from Business Manager Erin Green’s report:

  • The school district’s total enrollment now stands at 2,627 students, with 2,227 resident students, 319 students on Open Enrollment, 23 tuition waivers, 13 Early Childhood, and 57 Chapter 220 non-residents. This compares to a total enrollment of 2,650 last year and 345 in open enrollment status.
  • The growth in enrollment of 1.9 per year over five years has added to the state revenue, reducing the tax burden.
  • Free and reduced counts continue to rise, a measure of growing number of families in economic distress. Elementary levels range from 26-34 percent; high school is 17.2 percent; middle school is 24 percent. The number of English language learners as is student diversity. The district has 18.5 percent minority students.
  • The total expenditures per student were $12,198 in 2011, below the $12,406 recorded in 2009.
  • Increases in the employee share of their pensions and health insurance payments have offset the loss of revenue from prior years. Employees have taken a pay cut in effect. Greendale Schools continue to attract some of the best teachers available today.

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