23 Aug 2014
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Gold Kiosk Employee Charged With Theft

Suspect is accused of processing fake gold purchase claims so he can fuel his gambling habit.

Gold Kiosk Employee Charged With Theft Gold Kiosk Employee Charged With Theft

A 59-year-old kiosk employee at Southridge Mall is accused of stealing money from his employer to fuel his gambling habit.

Donald John Napierala, of Milwaukee, was charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court Saturday with one count of theft. If convicted, he faces up to nine months in prison and $10,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Oct. 31, Greendale police officers were called to the Gold Buyers kiosk in Southridge after Napierala resigned and told his manager he had been processing fake gold purchases. Napierala said he would inflate the price paid out to customers for gold, then pocket the extra money to pay for his gambling habit.

The store has a 15-day lag between purchasing and shipping gold, so Napierala would use gold already sitting in the store’s safe that hadn’t been sent yet to make the amount shipped match the amount purchased.

There was $600 in gold in the safe when checked by a manager, which was about $12,000 less than records indicated.

When Napierala realized he would soon run out of gold in the safe and would get caught, he resigned from the store and admitted to the crime.

Napierala will make his initial appearance in court Jan. 11. 

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