Aug 01, 2014
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Greendale Person of the Year: Tina Zamjahn

Zamjahn has been coaching the Greendale Cheerleading Team for about 30 years. A number of people attest to her dedication in helping guide young girls in many aspects in life.

Greendale Person of the Year: Tina Zamjahn

We asked you and you nominated. Drum roll please. The Greendale Person of the Year is…


Zamjahn has been coaching the Greendale High School Cheerleading team for about 30 years. She has taken her to team to win several State Championships and has taken second at Nationals.

She has lived in Greendale on and off for most of her life and is a Greendale High School graduate, and former cheerleader.

What Keeps Her Coaching

Zamjahn says she loves the relationships she has developed with her girls.

“I was so fortunate to have great coaches and mentors for my three children during their high school years and I know how important those relationships were to my children,” Zamjahn said. “I have always felt it takes a village to help children grow into strong young adults, and I hope through my relationships with my cheerleaders, I've made a small difference in their lives.”

Zamjahn also says it's important for young girls to learn how to be team players.  

“My teams have learned to rely on each other, and the importance of commitment and perseverance in reaching a common goal,” she said. “I also like to think that through their cheer years, my girls will make friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Community Impact

A number of parents and community members nominated Zamjahn for Greendale Person of the Year for her dedication to young girls. Here are some things that were said about Zamjahn:

“She has ushered countless girls through the high school years and has helped young Greendale women grow into leaders. She is well deserving of this award because she not only gives of herself to Greendale this year, but every year and I know many, many girls who would attest to this.”

-Liz Dworak

"She is such a inspiration to so many young girls. Both of my daughters have had the privilege of being coached by Tina. Tina has instilled so much confidence and has taught them the values of life. She is such a wonderful woman and coach. She is there for these girls for everything, whether it's school issues, friend issues or boyfriend issues. She is a legend and is so humble about it."

-Lori Alvarez

"It is evident that her presence and guidance has made such an impact with cheerleaders and their families for decades… Her passion is apparent and appreciated, her class exemplifies the Greendale spirit, and her example has provided a positive female influence for so many women and girls."

-Patti Mazur

"Tina has shown years of dedication to the Greendale community instilling a sense of working for excellence for the many youngsters who have gone through her cheer programs for multiple age students."

-Lynn maglio

"She has dedicated her time, skills, patience, and kindness with these girls.  I believe Tina has made a difference in every Greendale Varsity cheerleader's life and we are all very thankful for her!"

-Tammi Schmidt

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