23 Aug 2014
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It Takes a Village…

This week the Village Grandma is thinking about the new signage at Southridge Mall, the Emerald Ash Borer and public urination.

It Takes a Village…

Hello again Greendale,

We sure can't complain about the weather. Perfect for the annual and Saturday’s Green Market. Enjoy it now. I was at my regular perch, watching the comings and goings of the neighborhood (some ultra sensitive people might consider it snooping), when I noticed some red and gold leaves at the top of one of the towering maples up the hill. Soon, we will be experiencing the quiet peaceful interval where it is no longer necessary to mow, but not yet time to get out the snow blower. But, one must be realistic. I know I shall soon be up to my ample thighs in snow.

We in the Village have much to be thankful for. Our streets are safe and our neighborhoods are friendly. There's one small drawback though. I think the bells on the tower that ring out tunes during the day are just a tiny bit out of tune. Not that I really notice much, but someone with perfect pitch might just go off the deep end at some point.

You are all no doubt aware that the football team The final was 27 to 25. Good job fellas.

You should know that the Village Planning Commission is in the process of approving the new signs for Southridge. I'm thinking if they really want to attract lots of shoppers they might also place Rummage Sale signs on each corner. Those signs really seem to attract buyers, just a thought.

Our has a plan of attack to rid ourselves of the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer and save as many ash trees as possible. So, any tree you see with an orange marking will be injected with anti-borer inoculate of some kind. However, you see a tree with a green marking do not park your car under it as it will be felled by the borer squad post haste.

New at the test kitchen will be a program called Cooking with CJ. The programs will take place every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. You will be able to sample recipes, try-out new kitchen gadgets and best of all get all your questions answered. This is great news for those of us who think a chiffonade is a fancy prom dress and Béarnaise is some sort of rescue dog.

The days on my street are almost ritualized. It is almost the same routine every day. The older lady taking her daily constitutional, the young man riding to work on his motorcycle, the youngsters on their way to school. So, when I didn't see the fellow down the street walking his elderly white dog I became concerned. While walking by his house I noticed that the doghouse was also gone. I miss him.

I was as disturbed as anyone when a man was arrested for relieving himself on a street corner here in our pristine Village. However, he was 89 years old. I'm no spring chicken either and there are times that when I laugh really hard the tears occasionally have a tendency to run down my leg. So, I'm thinking that maybe arresting the elderly miscreant was a little harsh. Of course, there may be extenuating circumstances. So, I guess I'll reserve judgment.

I'm thinking the . I noticed two of my neighbors giggling and walking a bit unsteadily afterwards. Sorry I missed it.

Well I must run. It's perfect weather to wash windows and put my screens away for another year. At least what's left of them after Gump, the cat, went on his screen-shredding binge while fly hunting.

Enjoy your week.

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