Jul 30, 2014
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Water Main Break "Straightforward": Village Official

Sunday's water main break in Greendale is nothing new for the village, one official said.

Water Main Break "Straightforward": Village Official
A water main break that left around 30 customers without service and others with low water pressure Sunday is not an uncommon occurrence, a village official told Patch.

In fact, Greendale has between 25 and 30 similar incidents each year, Village Manager Todd Michaels said, calling it a "straightforward issue" that "wasn't a big deal" for the village to handle.

Michaels said Sunday's incident could have been caused by anything, but aging pipes were definitely a factor. According to Michaels, there have been no issues in the area of Broad Street and Dale Lane in about 10 years.

When asked about Patch readers' concerns about the possibility of contaminated water after a water main break, Michaels said that would be isolated to the immediate area of the water main break and is a simple matter of running taps until the water clears.

Michaels also gave some perspective on the issue. Citing a recent comparative study in Brookfield, he said the City of Milwaukee alone experiences around 650 water main breaks each year.

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