Jul 29, 2014

Greenfield Middle School Student Gets Cultural

A young writer lends his talents to Greenfield Patch.

Greenfield Middle School Student Gets Cultural

A few days ago, Greenfield Middle School principal Brad Iding sent me an email with an attached article from a student who was "interested in improving his writing while also sharing news about our school with others."

Mark Anthony Jones, a seventh-grader and perhaps a budding journalist, turned in this story about how he and his classmates learned about cultures from around the world.

Thanks for the submission Mark and Brad, and for letting Patch readers know what's happening at the Middle School.

Cultures unite through food

By Mark Anthony Jones

Cultures around the world gather around for a glorious occasion.

In Greenfield Middle School, Rm. 223, Mrs. Melik had students meet to share foods from the culture they are from. Some may ask, "Why?" One student said, “To share foods from different cultures.” Another student said, “To eat.” Others may ask, "How?" The students and the teacher bring in food from their culture.

So, you might ask, "When do they do this?" Siraj said, “We do this every year and it is fun.” Another student, Harman, said “it is a cool thing to do.”

Some of the food there was flan, a desert from Spain and Mexico. It is slippery, yet it had an interesting taste. Another student brought Biryani, a food that had rice, raisins, noodles, chicken and nuts. It had a unique taste to it. An additional food there was from Siberia; it had a spicy quality to it.  

Then some students were asked, "Who does the cooking in their family?" and here are some responses. Siraj said, “The females do the cooking unless you're alone; then you cook for yourself.” Apiwhat said, “Both men and women do the cooking.” Kristina said, “Females do the cooking.” Mrs. Melik said, “Women do the cooking and the baking; men do the outside cooking and the grilling.” 

As you can see, Greenfield Middle school has a unique way to share cultures from around the world.

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