Jul 29, 2014

Greenfield's Person of the Year: Who's it Going to Be?

Greenfield Patch is now accepting nominations for the person of the year. Help us tell the great story of a person (or people) doing great things!

Greenfield's Person of the Year: Who's it Going to Be?

It's the end of the year, and Greenfield Patch has had the privilege of telling the stories of some amazing people.

There was the Markos family and Baby Autumn, who awaits a heart transplant; Greenfield Battalion Chief James Mollet, who went to Honduras to spread fire safety; and Gina Daroszewski, who opens her bowling alley up for cause after cause and many, many more.

But we know there are people doing good that we never heard about.

This December, we'd like your help determining the Greenfield Patch person of the year. You can nominate anyone who lives, works or volunteers in town. But nominations close at 9 a.m. Dec. 13, so submit your picks now!

There are two ways to nominate someone:

Fill out the form above. We're asking for the person's name, why you think they should be Person of the Year, and a way to contact them. We also need your name and a way to contact you. This information will be sent only to Patch, and contact information will not be published.

Or, you can nominate someone in the comments, once you've signed up for and are logged in to your Patch account. If you choose to use the comments to make your nomination, please give us the person's name and why you think they should be person of the year, but don't put in specific contact information. Instead, use the person's name and enough detail so we could track them down. (For example: “The neighbor boy who rakes my leaves all fall” isn't enough for us to go on, but “Mrs. Johnson at Elm Dale who helped the third grade class with a great volunteer opportunity” would be a great starting point!)

Once nominations close at 9 a.m. Dec. 13, Patch editors will go through all the submissions and choose a person (or people) or the year. Stories will start running Dec. 26.

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