Jul 28, 2014
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Greenfield's Top 5 November Stories

The following five stories were the most-read on Greenfield Patch in November. Which one is the most memorable to you?

Greenfield's Top 5 November Stories

Readers are always drawn to police and crime stories on Greenfield Patch, and November was no different.

Of the month's five most-read stories, four of them had something to do with the Greenfield Police Department or crimes committed within the city's limits.

  1. The city's police department probably wishes it could have avoided the top spot this month, or found its way to No. 1 through other means, but when a police officer resigns his position after being accused of "sexting" a jewelry thief suspect, people want to know about it.
  2. Autumn Markos, a newborn baby in need of a heart transplant, captured the hearts of many Greenfield Patch users this month. And a quick reminder: a benefit to help raise funds for her family's mounting medical costs is Saturday, Dec. 1.
  3. Unique crimes like stealing electronic flushing mechanisms out of the bathrooms at McDonald's will always catch people's attention.
  4. The police department doesn't just respond to calls for crimes. They also get "animal complaints." Just not sure who'd complain more: the guy who nearly lost his prized deer or the deer who caught his arrow.
  5. On a serious note, a Milwaukee man was charged with producing child pornography in a Greenfield home.

Honorable mentions: A story on the renovation and grand-opening of JB's on 41, posted over Thanksgiving weekend, made a late surge in the month's final week and would have cracked the top five if November had been just a few days longer. ... The price tag for a concession stand got the attention of the Greenfield School Board, and Patch users, this month.

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