21 Aug 2014
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Ten Things I Love About The Southwest YMCA

This Greenfield family is very happy to be members again.

Ten Things I Love About The Southwest YMCA

Recently, we re-joined the . We had a membership a few years 
ago and had been members for years, but, when our income changed, it was 
one of the first things we cut out. It was disappointing and we missed it 
and we are glad to be back.

So, why is it so good to be back? Here are 10 reasons I love the Southwest YMCA:

1. Huge variety of activities for pre-school aged children. Everything from 
art to dance to movement to swimming. 

2. Large variety of swimming lessons for many skill levels, many time slots 
and different types of schedules (like weekly, daily, etc.)

3. The small pool for beginning, young swimmers. This pool is warmer, 
shallower and in a separate room from the big pool. Much less intimidating 
for the those just being introduced to water.

4. Kid care for kids up through 10-years-old. On days when they don't have classes, the girls can go directly into the kid care area. Though it can be a bit crazy in there some days, it's always adequately staffed and the girls always have fun. They love the activity gym with the slide and the huge variety of toys available. It's a great way to break up the day when they need a break from one another.

5. Gymnastics. They have a fantastic gymnasium and equipment for 
gymnastics, experienced instructors and a nice variety of programs and 

6. Nice, friendly, patient teachers, instructors and employees. The people 
who work there, not only the instructors, are so very nice and helpful. One 
of my girls went to 3-year-old pre-school at the Southwest YMCA (not sure if they still offer it). Her teachers were fantastic and really seemed to enjoy working with children.

7. Group exercise schedule. Although I have yet to join a class, I love how 
flexible the schedule is and the sheer variety of classes. I also like that 
you pay per class, so there is no pressure if you try something just to see 
if you'd like it.

8. Indoor track. When my youngest was a baby, she hated the Kid Care (my 
other two have always loved it, though). I used to put her in a sling and 
walk the indoor track with her. It overlooks the basketball courts, so you 
are entertained by pick-up games of basketball on your walk.

9. The equipment. Admittedly, I prefer the treadmill to the exclusion of 
most other equipment. They have plenty of treadmills and a large number of 
other equipment as well. It's not usually too crowded (I suppose this 
depends somewhat on the time of day and year - watch out for the January 
New Year's Resolution-ers! Probably true at all gyms, though). They also 
have a separate, smaller room for those who prefer a more private place to 
work out.

10. The location. Though located on the exact opposite side of Greenfield 
from where we live, it is a very beautiful, natural setting. I love that part of Greenfield and the trails that wind around it.

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