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Lisa Rambo Update: 'The Biggest Loser' Week 3

In the third week of the show, Hudson's "The Biggest Loser" contestant lost 2 pounds to bring her weight to 223 pounds. That's down 23 from her initial weight of 246.

Lisa Rambo Update: 'The Biggest Loser' Week 3

Lisa Rambo, the Hudson High School special education assistant who is  lost only two pounds, but staved off elimination after a Red team vote sent Cate home.

The episode kicked off with the introduction of the Kids Junk Room, which included video games, soda and junk food of all sorts. After losing a team trivia challenge, the Blue team was forced to spend four-and-a-half hours per day in the Kids Junk Room for the week while the Red and White teams worked out with their trainers.

The physical team challenge this week included a relay race through a bubble gum pit while retreiving and carrying a 10-pound ball. The Red team won the challenge and received a year of free groceries. 

When it was time for the weekly weigh-in, the five-member blue team lost 42 pounds (2.81 percent), the five-member red team lost 20 pounds (1.52 percent) and the two-member white team lost 15 pounds (3.31 percent). Because they had the lowest percentage lost, each member of the Red team was forced to vote off one of their teammates, except for Joe. He was the team's highest percentage loser this week with 9 pounds lost.

Here's how they voted:

  • Cate: She closed her eyes and randomly chose Jackson.
  • Jackson: He said he voted for Lisa, because she's strong and she can lose weight away from the ranch. And he added a tearful, "I love you."
  • Francelina: She voted for Cate.
  • Joe: Joe voted for Cate.
  • Lisa: Lisa said she voted for Cate, because with her family support system back home she would be able to continue her weight-loss journey. Lisa told Cate to call her when she runs her marathon, and promised to be at the finish line with Red team trainer Dolvett.

Here are the stats for everyone this week:

  • Jeff: -11 : 348 lbs
  • Alex: -4 : 221 lbs
  • David: -6 : 272 lbs
  • Michael: -13 : 396 lbs
  • Gina: -8 : 215 lbs
  • Francelina: -5 : 237 lbs
  • Joe: -9 : 317 lbs
  • Jackson: -2 : 300 lbs
  • Cate: -2 : 223 lbs
  • Lisa: -2 : 223 lbs
  • Danni: -6 : 228 lbs
  • Pam: -9 : 210 lbs

The next episode will air Monday, Jan. 21, at 7 p.m. on NBC.

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