Jul 30, 2014

PHOTOS: The Debate Continues—Are Vikings Babies Cuter Than Packers Babies?

Submit a photo of your child or pet in Green Bay or Minnesota gear in honor of this Monday's game.

On Oct. 23, the Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings, 33-27. Three weeks and one day later, the teams will face each other again during Monday Night Football.

The Vikings have a chance to hand the Packers their first loss of the season.

To cap off the rematch of these two NFC North teams, we're bringing back our Packers/Vikings photo gallery. So far Packers fans are leading the charge with 30 photos. Vikings fans have uploaded 11.

We've added more of our Wisconsin Patches to the list of sites running this gallery. The pressure's on, Vikings fans!

To add your images, click on the "Submit Your Photos" button below. Please include your baby or pet's first name, age and hometown.

In a poll we posted on Oct. 20, 79 people correctly guessed the Green Bay Packers would win the Oct. 23 game. Forty-eight people incorrectly said the Vikings would win.

But you can take another crack at it. Weigh in on our new poll about the Nov. 14 game:

Photo Gallery

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