23 Aug 2014
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Falls, Lannon Fire Departments Might Merge

The two municipalities are discussing the merger that might happen in 2014.

Falls, Lannon Fire Departments Might Merge

The Menomonee Falls and Lannon Fire Departments  may soon merge, according to a Menomonee Falls Now article. 

The two departments started discussing a merger last year and are nearing legal and contractual components. Although Lannon would like to see the merger in July, it wouldn't be official until 2014, Lannon Village President Jerry Newman said in the article. 

Newman could not give operational figures. Lannon will continue discussions with the Falls Village Administrator Mark Fitzgerald and the two attorneys.

In the beginning Newman said the merger would not happen until the construction of one of two planned fire stations. That has changed and officials are going ahead with the merger without the new station, reported Menomonee Falls Now.

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