Jul 26, 2014
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Fuel Spill Closes Highway 11

A car vs. semi resulted in an accident with no injuries but about 100 gallons of diesel fuel spilled all over the roadway.

Fuel Spill Closes Highway 11

A car hit a semi full of diesel fuel, causing a fuel spill in the 9800 block of Durand Avenue that has closed the roadway for the next several hours.

According to Sturtevant Police Chief Sean Marschke, a semi truck was turning westbound onto Durand Avenue from Commercial Avenue when it was stopped by the lowered gates at the railroad tracks.

As soon as the gates were raised, a driver traveling east drove across the tracks and hit the semi truck, puncturing the gas tank and causing the fuel spill.

"This is considered a minor accident with no injuries," Marschke told Patch while he was on scene helping direct traffic.

He estimated about 100 gallons of fuel were spilled.

Traffic is completely shut down in both directions between Wisconsin Street and Renaissance Blvd and Marschke said he expects it to stay that way for at least the next two hours. The accident is believed to have occured sometime late this afternoon.

Officials from the Department of Natural Resources are on route. Amtrak train traffic is also disrupted because of the spill and officials from Amtrak are on scene, Marschke said.

The driver of the semi will be cited for failure to yield, the Chief confirmed.

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