Jul 26, 2014
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Lake Park in 2020 Plan Stricken, but Not Entirely

Deletion of a lake park development along Janesville Road from language in the city's 2020 plan will include summary, and infamous 'arrows' that designated specific parcels.

Lake Park in 2020 Plan Stricken, but Not Entirely

The debate over where language referencing lake park development should be taken out of Muskego's 2020 Comprehensive Plan appears to be over for now. The Common Council voted Tuesday night to delete specific property references as well as general statements made about the interest in a public park along Janesville Road.

Residents had felt singled out as maps in the plan used arrows to point to specific parcels of land, which were the same parcels involved with a second attempt to put a park on the lake along Janesville Road. The recommendation from city staff was initially to delete those arrows along with language that designated the specific parcels, but in the summary statement in chapter 8 of the plan.

After some debate on the council, residents were again told that a lake park will always be a possibility, and not to look at the changes in the Comprehensive Plan to guarantee no future offers would be made from lake residents to sell land to the city. The advice echoed what was stated during


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