23 Aug 2014
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Gun Club Sets its Sights on a Resolution

Schultz Rod and Gun Club on Big Muskego Lake had come under fire of its own from neighbors fearing for their safety, but as a few hurdles have been cleared, the club is eager to make changes and set things right once again.

Gun Club Sets its Sights on a Resolution Gun Club Sets its Sights on a Resolution

After fears from the neighbors that stray bullets were flying overhead from Schultz Rod and Gun Club in Muskego, it appears that changes will be coming, and a time table that will keep the club accountable and neighbors happy is in place.

The two sides met during the Finance Committee meeting Tuesday night, and Len Pilak, who is president of the club, said that a wetlands label is being removed from the property by the DNR. The designation had been an obstacle for development on the land in order to reposition the firing range and large berms that are used to "catch bullets" from target practice.

Pilak told the board the club is awaiting a survey from the state to be completed, which will be reported back to the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) and a final plan to be submitted before they can begin the work of moving earth to create new berms.

He expressed optimism in receiving additional fill from contractors, as well as dirt from work that will be done as part of the Janesville Road project to help raise the new berms. The new set up will reposition the range to the south, over and away from the direction of homes, and will be 25 feet high and 250-300 yards long. A second set of berms will be constructed behind the front berms.

In addition, the club plans to build a two-story structure where target shooters will stand, and metal baffles will be installed to deflect any shots downward to eliminate the possibility of rounds passing over the berms.

"We are looking to do something that will be suitable for everyone's safety," Pilak said.

While he could not be specific as to completion dates because of schedules, the committee was able to work out a preliminary review of the site on or around April 15 to ensure progress, which Pilak said he was in favor of.

"If it were up to me, I'd like it done today, but it's a lot like building a home, where we have to rely on others' schedules." 

The club is targeting an August date to be near completion, with a first walk-through of the site being done by committee members as well as the Muskego Police Department.

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