Jul 28, 2014

Update: Muskego Robbery Fugitive Caught

Jamie Robinson was wanted in connection with a strong arm robbery in Muskego's Denoon Park in August of 2011.

Update: Muskego Robbery Fugitive Caught

According to Patch partner Fox 6, a viewer tip led to the capture of 35 year-old Jamie Robinson, who was wanted in connection with a strong armed robbery in Muskego from August of 2011.

Law enforcement said Robinson helped to restrain a man and then choke him while he and a group of people made off with about $700 in cash and some marijuana. Officials say the incident occurred in Muskego’s .

In addition, law enforcement officials believe a female friend recruited Robinson and others to trap the victim, as a means of revenge. U.S. Marshal’s Detective Phil Carini says the victim was cooperating with law enforcement in a separate drug case and says Robinson and the others wanted cash and payback.

They believed he was hiding out in Muskego and Wind Lake. Calls from FOX6 News viewers led law enforcement to a construction site in the Town of Vernon Monday, June 18 and they took Robinson into custody.

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