Jul 28, 2014
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Larson 'Outraged' after Senate's Abrupt Action

Says Senate "ignored pleas from hundreds of thousands throughout Wisconsin."

Larson 'Outraged' after Senate's Abrupt Action

No surprise here - Oak Creek's state Senator Chris Larson was not a fan of the landmark collective-bargainning bill that passed the Senate tonight.

Larson issued a statement Wednesday night that began, "Senate Republicans answered the Koch brothers’ call tonight."

"It is unconscionable that Senate Republicans would opt to utilize deceitful tactics aimed at furthering their political agenda rather than continue negotiations to arrive at a compromise that is in the best interest of our state and its workers," Larson said.

“All hopes of finding a bipartisan middle ground have been shattered by the actions of these false-hearted Senate Republicans. I can only hope that their motivation and actions are crystal clear to every person across our great state and that this Republican assault on the middle class is remembered.”

Larson was one of 14 Democratic senators in Illinois when the vote took place. The Assembly is expected to take up the bill at 11 a.m. Thursday.

Click here to read Larson's entire statement.

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