23 Aug 2014
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Oak Creek Man Allegedly Sells Drugs to Police Informant

A 31-year-old man sold Oxycodone pills to informant at a Franklin store and West Allis trailer park, according to a criminal complaint.

Oak Creek Man Allegedly Sells Drugs to Police Informant

A 31-year-old Oak Creek man is facing charges after he allegedly sold Oxycodone to a police informant on two separate occasions in July.

Jonah M. Stasinopoulos was charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court Thursday with two counts of delivery of a controlled substance. If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison and $100,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On July 2, a police informant working with the St. Francis Police Department informed investigators Stasinopoulos was selling Oxycodone pills for $20 each. The informant set up a deal where Stasinopoulos agreed to sell $100 worth of the pills in the parking of a Franklin business in the 9500 block of S. 27th Street.

The deal took place while investigators monitored the transaction.

The informant set up another deal with Stasinopoulos to buy another $100 worth of pills. This time Stasinopoulos told the informant to meet him in a West Allis trailer park in the 10300 block of W. Greenfield Avenue.

When the informant arrived, the deal took place, but Stasinopoulos complained about how long it took for him to get there, saying another customer from Waukesha had already bought $400 worth of pills and returned home in the time it took for the informant to get there.

Stasinopoulos was later arrested in Waukesha County on an unrelated charge, but officers interviewed him and he admitted to the sale of the pills in Franklin. Even though he didn’t recall the West Allis transaction, he didn’t dispute the facts when presented them.

Stasinopoulos will make his initial appearance in court Aug. 27.

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