Jul 28, 2014

Patch Seeking Fitness Bloggers

Are you a runner, biker, p90x-user, weight-lifter, yoga instructor or general fitness freak? Patch wants to hear from you!

Patch Seeking Fitness Bloggers

Attention fitness gurus!

Patch is seeking bloggers to share their knowledge of fitness, health and physical well-being with our readers.

With the holiday-season already at hand, the inevitable holiday-guilt and New Year's resolution season is soon to follow. People are going to be looking for ways to shed a couple extra pounds.

No need to be a personal trainer or a doctor, we're interested in hearing from anyone with their own philosophy or advice on the subject. Patch is a place for sharing experiences and tips!

A few fitness blog possibilities include:

  • At-Home Fitness Tips. Share some ideas on how to exercise in the house without having to head to the gym.
  • The Healthy Diet. Blog about nutrition and food and how they contribute to better living.
  • First-Hand Fitness: Share your own fitness story. Are you in the process of losing weight or toning up? What's the experience been like? 
  • Winter Fitness: How do you stay active and have fun outdoors throughout the cold winter?

Patch blogs are available to anyone and have no requirements or expectations. Bloggers can write what and when they'd like. A Patch editor reviews all blog posts to ensure they meet our terms of service, but few, if any, changes are made to entries. Blogs are available to people of all writing abilities and experience. Posts can be a few sentences or thousands of words ... it's really up to you! 

Authors get access to Patch's daily, local audience and can use the blogs to start conversations, share stories and promote their own work to thousands of readers. All you need to start writing is a Patch account and an email to let us know you're interested. 

Ready to start sharing? Know someone who'd be great to contribute? Contact Dustin Block at dustin.block@patch.com for more information and to get your blog set up.

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