Jul 28, 2014

Driver Gives Finger to Crossing Guard — Maybe

Port Washington police issue disorderly conduct ticket to a distracted driver who nearly missed a signal to stop from a crossing guard — but that wasn't the only possible miscommunication.

Driver Gives Finger to Crossing Guard — Maybe

It's incidents like these that make it easier to nod "yes" for a ban on using cellphones and texting — heck, even talking — while driving.

Port Washington police spoke to a crossing guard at 12:15 p.m. Sept. 18 after an incident involving a driver who did not stop until halfway through the intersection. According to the police reports, it was a half-day of school, and the guard was attempting to help a woman, her child and her dog cross the street.

The driver, a 39-year-old Grafton woman, came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the intersection after realizing the crossing guard was there, according to the report. The driver later told police her child was crying and she was not completely paying attention to her driving.

The crossing guard told police she instructed the driver to back up — which she did — but she also said the driver told her to "(expletitive) off" and gave her the finger.

Police spoke to the woman who was trying to cross the street, who explained a similar scenario — saying the crossing guard yelled at the driver to back up, and the driver then did, making hand gestures and saying something. "She could not hear what was said from the car, but thought that the lady driving the car was apologizing," the report said.

Police made contact with the driver, who told police she had had dental work that day and her mouth was still numb during the incident. She told police she did not say, "(expletitive) off," but instead was saying "I'm trying," while the guard was yelling to her to back up. The driver said it was possible, however, that she gave the crossing guard the finger — she wasn't sure.

While it's obviously not clear what the message was that was trying to be communicated from the car, one thing is for sure: police issued the driver a citation for disorderly conduct.

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