Jul 28, 2014

Fake $100s Used at Local Businesses

Both Sentry Food Stores and McDonald's in Port Washington reported receiving the counterfeit money. The police department has forwarded the bills to the Secret Service.

Fake $100s Used at Local Businesses

Two local businesses were recently the victims of fraud after an unknown suspect bleached $5 bills to look like $100 bills — but the incident isn't limited to Port Washington.

The Port Washington Police Department responded to reports of fraud at both Sentry and McDonald's on March 21 and 22, respectively, according to a police report. The bills were collected and sent to Secret Service.

"Please be aware that they have been bleaching $5.00 bills to appear as $100.00 bills," a merchant warning from the police department said. "The pen you use to check the currency will work as it is real currency. Please check the water mark hologram, not only for the strip on the left side of the bill but if it is a real $100.00 bill it will have Benjamin Franklin’s hologram on the right side."

Waukesha police received reports of  counterfeit bils — mostly $20s — and a West Allis grocery store clerk turned away a customer with the fake money, according to a report on JSOnline.com. 

Anyone with information about the conterfeit bills is asked to contact the department immediately at 284-2611.

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