Jul 28, 2014
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FREE: Celebrating a Birthday? Check Out these Deals

Local Editor Lyssa Beyer celebrated her birthday recently, and went on the hunt for some ways to celebrate without paying a dime. Check out these locally offered specials.

FREE: Celebrating a Birthday? Check Out these Deals

I turned 26 on Sunday.

I know, I know. Hold your applause.

Actually — and this is how I decided I know I'm getting "old" — this was the first year that my birthday didn't feel like a "big deal." At midnight, I didn't look at the clock. In fact, I didn't realize it was my birthday until 12:16 a.m. Talk about a revelation.

But the bigger deal about my birthday has always been that I'm not really alone. I was born on my grandmother's 40th birthday; my grandpa's birthday is July 13, and my sister's birthday is July 12.

My first nephew was born last year, on July 7.

It's Christmas in July — almost literally.

Even if my birthday wasn't a "big deal," I still like to use the day to make myself feel special. I did, after all, survive another 365 days out there in this big world.

And what better way to feel special than take advantage of business-provided deals only available once a year? So I put a call out on the Port Washington-Saukville Patch Facebook page asking readers where I could go to get some good deals.

They followed through, and took advantage. Here's a list of area deals posted by readers, as well as other deals I was able to find out about throughout the week.

  • : Tell the staff it's your birthday, and get a free mini ice cream cake, complete with a candle.
  • : The restaurant will sing you a birthday song and give you a free birthday fried ice cream.
  • : Show your ID to prove that it's your birthday and get a free meal up to $14.
  • Circle B (in Cedarburg): Free drink with ID *This is actually what I did, followed by a game of bowling!*
  • : For kids, get a free slice of cheesecake; if you're of legal drinking age — stop by for a shot of tequila and get to wear a sombrero!
  • : Tell the bartender it's your birthday for a free shot.
  • : Get a free birthday sundae.
  • : Get a free birthday sundae, complete with a candle!

This list does not include every business in Port and Saukville, so if you know a birthday deal that wasn't listed — please tell us in the comments.

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