Jul 28, 2014
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Saukville Food Pantry Sees Great Start

Volunteers running the newly opened food pantry are pleased with the results, saying they were able to help at least 15 families upon opening.

Saukville Food Pantry Sees Great Start

The Saukville Food Pantry served about 15 families when they on Jan. 12 at in Saukville.

“It's going quite well,” said Mark Gierach, volunteer with the food pantry. “We're happy with the amount of donations we've gotten so far. We're hoping that continues. Donations are always higher at the end of the year (in December) than any other time.”

Gierach said a variety of items were donated in order to offer a variety of supplies to families.

“All sorts of canned foods, dried cereals, soups, baby food, there's some formula. All the basic necessities that homes need,” he said. The food pantry also received some fresh potatoes and squash from a vegetable farm out of Cedarburg.

Recipients of the Saukville Food Pantry need to be residents of Ozaukee county. They need to provide proof of residency either by showing a form of ID or a gas or electric bill with their address on it. They also need to fill out a sheet that tells the amount of household residents they have and an approximate annual income.

“We're finding a number of people within the village here that don't have the ability to get to the other pantries in the county due to either transportation or time of day. We're also finding that people are falling through the cracks and those are the people we're hoping to help,” Gierach said.

The Saukville Food Pantry will be open again from 1 to 4 p.m. Thursday.

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