23 Aug 2014
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Mrs. Spyder’s Sets Up New Shop

Located in the former “Dodge garage,” the shop offers consignments along with biker patches and wear, plus Jane's Handy Sewing.

Mrs. Spyder’s Sets Up New Shop Mrs. Spyder’s Sets Up New Shop Mrs. Spyder’s Sets Up New Shop

Mrs. Spyder’s Biker Patch has moved to a new location but takes a little of the relocated Shoppes of Port Washington with her: a new friend and a desire to help others starting out in business.

Kelly Schowalter, who owns Mrs. Spyder’s Biker Patch along with her husband Brian, said that the new location will allow their business to expand and offer space for consignments, hopefully helping others defray the “astronomical costs” of starting a business.

“When we started at the Shoppes, it really helped us out being able to share the space and expenses. … We would like to provide that opportunity for others,” she said.

Located in the former “Dodge garage” at 109 S. Park St., the shop will offer consignments along with Mrs. Spyder’s inventory of biker patches, wear and other items and Jane's Handy Sewing.

“We’re bringing in more people, consignment and booth rentals, to add variety,” Schowalter said.

They also hope to offer used leathers for sale — jackets, vests and chaps from people no longer using them.

“Leathers are expensive and someone else might be able to benefit from that,” she said.

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Jane Guetchidjian, owner of Jane's Handy Sewing, moved with the Schowalters to the new location and, while some might think a seamstress and biker shop wouldn’t be a match, the two businesses complement each other well.

“Mrs. Spyder’s main business is embroidered patches. If someone buys one, Jane can sew it on right away. Also if someone needs a repair, she does everything,” Schowalter said.

The move from the Shoppes to the new location has brought the business owners closer, into friendship and more.

“Since moving we’ve become like family,” Schowalter said.

The store is planning a fun-filled, family event for Dec. 1 when Santa and Mrs. Claus are scheduled to come for a visit.

And while the name Mrs. Spyder might be perfect for the Halloween season, “Spyder” has actually been Brian's nickname since high school. Kelly, Mrs. Schowalter, is naturally "Mrs. Spyder."

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