15 Sep 2014
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Santa Touts Teamwork, Dishes on Reindeers' Favorite Snack

Questions from Port Washington and Saukville students in letters to Santa are answered by the jolly old man himself.

Santa Touts Teamwork, Dishes on Reindeers' Favorite Snack

A group of Lincoln Elementary School students recently took the time to write letters to Santa. Beyond letting him know what they want for Christmas, and offering advice for Santa while he's on the road for Christmas — the students had all sorts of questions about Santa's operation in the North Pole.

Elf Lyssa visited the school to collect the letters, and they were safely delivered to the North Pole. Santa has finally had the time to read them, and this is what he had to say in response:

Dear children of Port Washington and Saukville (and a special hello to the students at Lincoln Elementary School),

I am so glad to hear from you during this wonderful holiday season, ho ho ho! It's the best time of year, you'd ought to know that by now.

Everything is going great this year again at the North Pole. There are a lot of toys being made by our busy elves in the workshop. I know Elf Lyssa answered some of your questions about elves, but it seems some of you were still wondering how the toys get made and how many elves there are; well, there are thousands of elves up here at the North Pole — almost too many to count. They all spend every day working in the factory to build some great toys for you; some toys get shipped from factories around the world, too — and then there are a group of elves here that wrap them. It's a lot of teamwork.

Speaking of teamwork — someone asked whether Mrs. Santa makes me do the dishes. Well, kids, she doesn't make me — but I do help clean up after dinner because it's the nice thing to do, ho ho ho! Plus, it can get a little chilly up here at the North Pole, so keeping busy with chores sometimes helps to keep you warm.

My reindeer have a special talent that makes them able to fly — plus they practice hard all year long to make their flying skills stronger, and faster. Christmas means they will be doing a lot of flying without many breaks, so they have to be in shape for that. Oh — and someone asked whether to leave carrots or radishes for the reindeer. Why, that would be so nice for them to have a snack while they are on their long journey. The reindeer LOVE carrots, but they don't get radishes as often so if you had some to leave for them it would be like a special treat. I don't have a favorite reindeer, though some of you kids might — but I love my reindeer all the same.

I am sorry I cannot bring any of you with me on Christmas, and I appreciate you all telling me about your different pets. I look forward to meeting them. Also, I would love some chocolate milk — if you have some to leave out — and I definitely look forward to those cookies.

OK, kids — I need to run and take care of helping with presents and other preparations for the holidays ... please be safe and have a Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!



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