20 Aug 2014
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How Do You Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas?

For Christians, giving gifts is a reminder of the gift of the birth of a savior. Here's how some Waukesha residents reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.

How Do You Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas?

With the flurry of presents, cookie baking, parties and time spent with the relatives, it’s easy to forget why we celebrate Christmas. Traditions passed down over the years can sometimes make us forget why Dec. 25 is a special day on the calendar.

Christmas used to be a pagan holiday, but Christians turned it into a holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The season of giving, for the Christian faith, is a reminder of the ultimate gift – the birth of a savior who would die for our sins. We give gifts to show our love for our friends and relatives, just as God showed his love through the birth of his son.

While not everyone holds to the Christian faith, the holidays have become a time of giving back to others and to reflect on what’s important in life. Whether that reflection is done around a fireplace with people can take time away from the busyness of the season.

Waukesha Patch readers weighed in on the true meaning of Christmas and shared how they celebrate the holiday season:

  • If everything else faded away, I'd still want to get to church on Christmas Eve, sing the songs and light the candles. Jesus is the reason for the season...” – Katie Kolberg Memmel.
  • “Christmas service at either my parents' church in Milwaukee or my church here in Waukesha. My girls already had their Christmas service last weekend at Trinity.” – Jeani Widish
  • “We celebrate by minimizing the amount of presents given and talking about the True meaning of Christmas. We don't talk about Santa too much, but the little ones still believe in him, but we also tell the story of how HE came to be as well.” – Toya Schuenke
  • “Family, love, Jesus, prayers, & lotza food!!!” – Jessica Nankin
  • “Celebrate at Elmbrook Church with my family, read scripture before opening gifts and pray as a family for our loved one, those who don't have loved ones, and that we keep our eyes on the reason for the season all year round. Presents are fine in moderation but remember tis the season to give! Be generous, be blessed!” – Kate Houdek Reinke
  • “Helping veterans.” – Jan Beyerlein

How do you celebrate the true meaning of Christmas? Tell us in the comments.

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