Jul 30, 2014
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No Crossing Sign for Bambi on Milky Way Road

Alderwoman Kathleen Cummings fight for a deer crossing sign on Milky Way Road shot down by Common Council.

No Crossing Sign for Bambi on Milky Way Road

Should Waukesha put a deer crossing sign on Milky Way Road?

The discussion Thursday night’s Common Council meeting took a surprising controversial turn as the majority of the council felt the sign was unnecessary.

Alderwoman Kathleen Cummings was one of the few advocating for a deer crossing sign, stating that Milky Way Road is dangerous with limited areas for drivers to pull over for deer. Because the road has ditches on both sides, there are no shoulders for drivers to swerve to miss a deer.

“If you have ever hit a deer with a car, which I have, it is a serious nature,” Cummings said.

Alderman Roger Patton agreed, adding a graphic description of a deer dying on a passenger seat of a car.

“They jump and end up on the hood,” Patton said.

Milky Way Road isn’t the only street in the community that has ditches on both sides, said Public Works Director Fred Abadi.

“It is not for deer to cross,” said Abadi, which drew a chuckle from the council. “It is for motorist to be aware.”

There hasn’t been a deer vs. car accident on Milky Way Road since 2009 and the speed limit is 35 mph, Alderman Andy Reiland told the council.

“State studies shows they were not affective in limiting the number of accidents with deer,” Reiland said.

The deer crossing sign was ultimately denied by the Common Council.

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