22 Aug 2014
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Ecstasy (Or Fake Ecstasy) Found at Hot Tub Party

Five people used a friends' hot tub without the homeowner's permission Saturday night, leading officers to discover 20 pills and a vial designed to hold ecstasy.

Ecstasy (Or Fake Ecstasy) Found at Hot Tub Party

When police busted a hot tub party thrown without the homeowner's permission last week, one man had something else to hide from police: a roll of Smarties candies that may or may not have contained ecstasy.

Police responded to the 1000 block of Hampton Road at 9:30 p.m. Saturday on a report that juveniles were using the hot tub when the homeowners were out of town. None of the five people drinking in the hot tub said they lived at the residence.

One girl said her friend, who lives at the house, had given her permission to be in the backyard, but had not given her permission to use the hot tub. When police called the girl, she said she had not given any of them permission to enter the backyard. When police called her father, the homeowner, he said he wanted all of the kids off his property but did not want them cited for trespassing.

One of the people, a 23-year-old Milwaukee man, admitted he had a warrant for not going to court in Dane County. Those court charges were for possession of narcotics, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct.

When police arrested him on the felony warrant, police said he began yelling, tensing his arms and at one point kicking an officer in the shin. In the interview room, he shook his hips so his pants would fall off, then kicked his pants at the officer. He then urinated on the floor and the door of the room and threatened to defecate in the room.

Police searched the man's pants pocket and found 20 small foil-wrapped packages, which he said contained Smarties candies. Based on the texture and color of the tablets, an officer believed the candies had been dipped in ecstasy. When police questioned the man, he said he dipped the Smarties in water because he was trying to pass them off as ecstasy to sell to pay his rent.

Police also searched the man's coat pocket and found a small glass vial. When police asked the man if he had dropped the ecstasy from the vial onto the Smarties candies to lace the pills, he said he initially believed the vial contained ecstasy but later determined it was "not functional" when he could not get high from it.

The man was cited for disorderly conduct for his behavior in the interview room, and he is facing a felony charge of manufacturing or distributing an imitation controlled substance. Police are waiting on results from the state crime lab to determine if the substance is ecstasy.

As of Thursday afternoon, the man has not yet been charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

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